Good Creatives,
let’s team up.

We think creativity can change the world. That’s why we’re building a community of creative professionals that lead, inspire, and teach through collaboration. Join us and use your talent to make a lasting impact with a deserving group.

Overview (What)

Brandvan partners creative professionals with social good groups in an effort to solve brand and creative challenges.

Industry experts using their talent to make a positive change in the world. We’re asking creatives to lend us their big brains and their big hearts.

The program connects creative thinkers, designers, makers, and creators with groups that make a positive social impact.

We believe that design and creative thinking will change the world. We already design products, advertisements, identities, and campaigns – why not do it with a broader lens in mind?

Eligibility (Who)

This is an open call to creative professionals who want to help build brands, identities, strategies, and campaigns for charitable groups. We want to collaborate with designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, copywriters, storytellers, and more.

Eligible creatives should be willing to donate approximately 20 hours over the course of 2 months, including flexibility in their schedules to sit in on a minimum of 3 weekday calls.

You’ll have the option to lead or support an initiative based on your interest, way of working, and availability.

What’s in it for you (Why)

The opportunity to apply your talent and ideas to a project that will improve the lives of many. This is a simple turnkey role that lets you directly influence a charity’s creative direction.

Use Brandvan and the charity in your portfolio, on social media, and possibly in award submissions. Maximize your contribution with a CSR endeavor.

Your contribution will be featured across promotional tools such as Brandvan promotions, shared websites, the charity’s site, and any supplementary advertising we do.

Make a difference while connecting with like-minded organizations, influencers, and community professionals.

Did you Know…

35,000 Canadians won’t have a place to sleep tonight

13% of Canadians went hungry today

720 kilos of trash per Canadians annually

The Journey (Where)

Brandvan is a cross-Canada tour making physical stops in each province and remote stops in the territories. We’re removing geographical boundaries in order to collaborate with groups in their own backyard to gain a greater understanding of their mission.

Creatives will have the opportunity to join our team remotely as they support their project from their own studio space. We can’t fit everyone in our van with us — but we can use it as a hub to connect everyone together.

Key Dates (When)

1. Call for creatives until August 24. Applicants complete the simple application below.

2. Creatives selected August 27.

3. Selected social groups and creative teams announced August 31. Matching of creative experts to their initiative & corporate partnerships if available.

4. Remote project kickoff based on an established path of introduction, discovery, test, and application.

5. Initiative meet and build from September 1 onwards.

Program (How)

Kickoff call between group and creative leads to establish relationship, learn social group overview, and develop project direction.

Brandvan team meets with social group, researching and workshopping to gather needed assets for program.

Creatives collaborate to develop the project remotely over the course of proceeding days.

Final creative hand-off to social group. If ongoing funding / creative support established, you may choose to maintain and further grow the partnership.

Calling all creatives:

Designers, Illustrators, Videographers, Photographers, Copywriters, Storytellers, and Developers

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