Good Groups
that need creative help.

If you’re a charity, non-profit, or social impact organization, fill in the form below. We’re teaming up to build the brands and tell the stories of some of Canada’s most impactful social good groups.

Overview (What)

Brandvan brings together social impact groups and creatives to help them solve design and communication-based challenges. We’ll help elevate and share your group’s story through brand, identity, or creative solutions.

We’re connecting creative thinkers, designers, and creators with groups creating positive social impact.

Eligibility (Who)

A committee of social experts will select one social good group from every province and territory.

In order to qualify, groups need to be pre-existing and demonstrate a history of clear progress in their initiatives. Groups that demonstrate the greatest impact will be given extra attention.

Your group’s purpose will fit within one of the following five categories: Housing, Environment, Health, Community, and Culture.

What’s in it for you (Why)

Selected groups will receive creative support through free identity, branding or campaign work.

Connect with like-minded creative and community professionals. Gain exposure through Brandvan’s website, partnered creatives’ amplification, and general community program awareness.

Potential to receive financial or in-kind product donations to support your campaign from local businesses.

Did you know…

35,000  Canadians are homeless tonight

13% of Canadians went hungry today

720 kilos of trash per Canadian annually

The Journey (Where)

Brandvan is making physical stops in each province and remote stops in the territories. We’re removing geographical boundaries in order to collaborate with groups in their own backyard and to gain a greater understanding of their mission.

Using technology to facilitate communications, we’ll bridge in remote creatives. We can’t fit everyone in our van with us — but we can use it as a hub to connect everyone together.

Key Dates (When)

1. Call for entries open until August 30. Applicants complete the simple online form below. All applications must include a short video with some key points.

2. Applications reviewed and finalists revealed September 4.

3. Brandvan hits the road September through October.

Program (How)

A representative from your group will need to be available for a minimum of 20 hours, inclusive of hosting a 1 day onsite workshop.

We start with a kickoff call to develop project scope and direction.

Introduce teammates, expectations and communicate timelines.

During the in-person workshop, we’ll capture assets for your program. We’ll continue to develop the project remotely over the proceeding days.

Final creative hand-off to social group.

Registrations are now closed.