A break from driving to run

Terry Fox Run 2018

Brandvan at Terry Fox Run

In Charlottetown, PEI, the Brandvan road team took a break from our cross-country drive to participate in a cross-country run that started nearly 40 years ago.

In 1980, Terry Fox embarked on his Marathon of Hope to raise money for cancer research. Diagnosed with bone cancer, his goal was to persuade every Canadian to donate one dollar for cancer research.

Now, the Terry Fox Run is an annual Canada wide event organized by hundreds of local volunteer groups. The runs are a legacy to Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope. With fierce determination, Terry ran an average of 42 km every day for 143 days.

The simple act of support and continued awareness keeps the spirit and goal of the run alive. To date, over $700 million has been raised in Terry’s name to support cancer research.

The Brandvan team is continuously humbled and inspired by great people in our country — whether it’s national heroes like Terry, or the passionate people we’re meeting along the way who are making a difference in their own communities. It’s the simple act of taking the first step, trying to do something more that inspires us.

Michael Rossi, President of Adidas Canada, is a personal friend of the Brandvan and sits on the Board for the Terry Fox Foundation. While we’ve participated in the Terry Fox Run as kids, it’s been a while since we’ve done it as adults. Michael reminded us that the rewards outweigh whatever obstacles and busy schedules we may have. We love seeing leaders in major organizations that see the value — both professionally and personally — in embedding doing good within the community.