Brandvan's environmental partner

Green fueled by Bullfrog


We started the Brandvan program to help build and connect with diverse Canadian communities. That was part of our motivation to drive across the country. We knew in order to truly understand and support the challenges of our Good Groups, we had to meet them in their own backyards, experience their greenhouses, and learn about their furniture repair shops.

As we’ve started to drive the Trans-Canada Highway coast to coast, we’ve discovered how impressive it truly is. Our beautiful landscape connected by a great highway system spanning one of the largest countries on earth. One challenge we underestimated — our fuel consumption.

We’re well aware of the lack of fuel options across Canada. We are lucky to be a mineral-rich country, and this is evident with numerous gas stations dotting the Trans-Canada Highway. However, our rich assets in oil and gas have been a roadblock for our nation to develop greener and cleaner technologies. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Bullfrog Power. While we’re using a combustion gas engine, we’ve partnered with them to offset our emissions and buy green energy back into the grid.

Brandvan’s vehicle travel in Canada is bullfrogpowered with green fuel. What does this mean? Bullfrog ensures that renewable fuel is injected into the Canadian fuel system to match the amount of conventional fuel Brandvan uses, displacing polluting fossil fuels litre-for-litre.

We care about reducing our environmental impact — that’s why we’re choosing green fuel for our vehicle travel with Bullfrog.