National print partner joins the program

DT Print Solutions – getting behind Brandvan.


Everyone grows up playing sports their own way. I happened to grow up on a farm where my weekends were filled with chores and playing outside. Every winter when our pond froze over, there was no place I’d rather be. I could spend countless hours out there with my brothers, sister, neighbours, and friends.

We’re all grown up now — and moved on to new places. But I’ve found a way to keep that spirit alive with new, great friends like my buddy Shawn. Hitting the ice indoors and out every winter with him and some other solid friends has extended my love for playing the game.

When I told Shawn about Brandvan, his first response was, “How can I help?” Offering to support not only the program branding, but also the social impact initiatives we’re taking on. Shawn and his team will be utilizing their niche talent and product to give back in their own way. He’s one of the good ones — and so is his company.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that our first Good Business is DT Print Solutions. They generously supplied the cut vinyl for the Brandvan mobile content studio. They also covered the shipping to Halifax so we could apply them while on our journey.

Installation of our vinyl next to an iconic Canadian landmark, Peggy’s Cove.

Beyond the Brandvan itself, DT Print will be contributing print services to the Good Groups in our program that require it. We live in an increasingly digital world, and that’s why the tangible, printed product has become even more valuable — when we come across it on our desks, when we see it in our environment, and when we hold it in our hands.

DT Print Solutions is a boutique custom printer located in downtown Toronto servicing clients worldwide. They constantly grow and change with the shifting print landscape, finding new ways to create even more value in a digital world. DT’s success has been based on providing more than just print — they provide innovative, meaningful, purposeful communication solutions that help deliver on the business needs of their clients. Keith has partnered with DT numerous times for work with the Canadian Olympic Committee, the NBA, and charitable groups like the MLSE Foundation.

Businesses large and small can make a difference. You don’t need to have thousands of employees and national reach to see the value and importance in giving back. From a brand perspective, consumer loyalty and employee engagement — the rewards of embedding purpose into your organization are endless. Interested in partnering up with one of our 13 groups or all of them? Please reach out.