Why GoodLife is a Good Partner

In general, we live pretty healthy lives. When building the van, we made sure we had lots of kitchen counter space to meal prep and make nutritious eats. In most communities we visited, we hit up local farmers’ markets for fresh and healthy produce. And we’ve done pretty well for the most part!

While we’ve been on the road, however, what was missing was the regular physical activity and exercise that we’re both used to in our daily life. After driving for hours, we’ve started to really feel the adverse effects of long periods of sitting and not moving around much.

That’s why we feel so lucky to have GoodLife Fitness as a Brandvan partner. With more than 350 locations across Canada, they’re the largest health and fitness facility in the country. So far, we’ve visited GoodLife health clubs in Halifax, Charlottetown, Ottawa, Sioux Ste. Marie, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. Many of the facilities are equipped with amenities such as dry saunas, towel service, swimming pools, and juice bars.

From coast to coast, GoodLife is committed to giving back. In fact, the GoodLife Kids Foundation raises funds to support national and local programs that provide ongoing physical activity opportunities for kids with special needs, and remove the barriers holding them back from living a healthy and active life.

On November 17, GoodLife locations across the country are participating in Spin4Kids, a one-day fundraiser to raise funds for programs that help children with special needs be physically active. Teams of up to eight people, including GoodLife Members, Associates, and Guests, will all come together to support GoodLife Kids Foundation and aim to reach the $1 million fundraising goal.

Sign up now for Spin4Kids.