Good Businesses, we need your help.

Brandvan partners with businesses that see the societal and financial benefits of engaging in social purpose. In fact, 90% of Canadians said they’d switch to a brand that has a compelling social purpose.

Overview (What)

The program strategically matches social good groups, creative professionals, and forward thinking business to solve creative challenges.

By utilizing your organization’s key characteristics we match you with the right social initiative. Aligning your vision, values, and company DNA with a the most fitting social good group.

We encourage suppliers, vendors, and agencies in the creative industry to participate by donating their product or services.

Eligibility (Who)

Business must have roots or a desire to grow their foundation in socially responsible areas.

A minimum contribution of $5,000 of cash or in-kind product to be given directly the social good group. Funds will be used exclusively for brand or creative services.

Your business will need a representative to be in contact with the project during various stages of completion.

What’s in it for you (Why)

There are lots of reasons to give back. Through our partnership, you’ll have access to our national story with content for your social channels and website.

Space on our site for your logo and link, with networking opportunities to creatives, community leaders, and other participants.

Access to co-branded material, marks, and statistics including imagery for annual reports, website, etc.

Being good is good for business

90% 90% of Canadians would switch to a brand that had a compelling social purpose.

87% of Canadians would pay more for products or services from a company with a good social purpose.

206% Purpose-driven brands outperform their competitors by 206% on the stock market.

79% of Canadian employees would consider quitting to work with an organization with a social purpose & values.

The Journey (Where)

Brandvan is making physical stops in each province and remote stops in the territories. We’re removing geographical boundaries to collaborate with groups in their own backyard to gain a greater understanding of their mission.

Using technology to facilitate communications, we’ll bridge in remote volunteer creatives. We can’t fit everyone in our van with us – but we can use it as a hub to connect everyone together.

Key Dates (When)

1. Call for entries opens July 15. Applicants complete the simple application below.

2. 13 final initiatives revealed August 15. Followed by matching or individual corporate sponsors.

3. Initiative meet and build from September & October.

4. Post-program key learnings, impact numbers, and final assets shared with organization.

Program (How)

Program kickoff to determine business interests, vision, and values discovery.

Contribution size and preferred allocation determined (specific social group or overarching program).

Remote kickoff call between good group, creative leads and business to establish relationship, debrief and develop project direction.

During the program, we’ll share daily content with your team if desired.

On campaign finalization, artwork and assets are shared with your organization.

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1 source (Kin & Co.

Option A — Financial Contribution

Your financial contribution is literally the fuel for this project. It will help us reach people across the country and impact those in need. We’ll use it to support and amplify professional, creative-led campaigns.

Option B — In Kind

Are you a business that develops products or services for the creative, promotional, or marketing industry or a good group that wants to make an in-kind donation? Your generous contribution will help amplify our charities, non-profits, and social impact groups’ messages.