Changing Things For Good

The Brandvan program connects creative professionals and forward-thinking businesses to 1 of 5 social impact categories: Environment, Education, Housing, Health, and Culture. Though creativity, we'll amplify the stories of 13 good groups while supporting the purpose-based revolution happening in Canada today.

The journey

This fall, we’ll be traveling across Canada in our mobile creative studio connecting with social good groups in their own backyard. Geographical boundaries won’t stop us.

Due to distance, we’ll bridge in remote locations (the territories) and our team of expert volunteer creatives. We can’t fit everyone in our van with us — but because it’s a ‘virtual community’, we’ll be able to connect via web as we go.

The people

One Good Group from each province & territory will be selected and partnered up with our creative professionals. These groups will be matched based on project scope, values, talent, and interest.

The social group’s purpose will fit within one of the following 5 categories: Environment, Education, Health, Housing & Culture. Businesses have their choice of partnering to fund the whole program or choosing one of the 13 initiatives.

The timeline

Good Group entries run until August 3rd. Social impact experts will then select the finalists by August 15th. Participating creatives and businesses will then be connected with the initiatives.

We’ll spend September and October, on the road doing design sprints, visiting post secondary schools and sharing our stories along the way. By mid November, we’ll wrap up each initiative and capture the things we learned on our journey.

About the van

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be assembling our mobile creative studio. Brandvan is a live/work space on wheels that we can take directly to the doors of our nonprofit partners. We’re not sure about all the details yet, but the structure will contain a couple of workspaces, storage for computers and brand collateral, photography and lighting gear, and the obvious living needs. Follow along on Instagram as we discover, build, and reveal ‘our rig’.

About the journey

As the Brandvan travels across the country, we’ll make stops in each province to work hands-on with local social good groups to help solve creative challenges. Our goal is to spend one day gaining insights, doing design sprints, and getting to know the group and their cause. During the second day, we’ll meet with educational institutions and the community to help share and learn more about social impact in their region. We are all students of life, giving and sharing along the way.

We’ll be documenting the journey to help tell our story, the stories of our socially good partners, and the stories of all Canadians.

A social experiment

The ‘social’ part

As a ‘social’ experiment, we created Brandvan to engage, support, and lead through action:

In our industry: We want to lead by example. Demonstrating the importance of doing good to the current and future design, advertising, and business communities.

In the gig economy: We want to show that it’s not just major organizations that need to think about impact. The solopreneur economy is here – and with it comes the opportunity to embed purpose into our work.

In our skillset: We want to utilize our skills for good, applying our talent towards an important contribution to societal impact.

At our roots: We want to return to a time when we helped our neighbours simply because they needed it.

In collaboration: We want to construct a community platform that adds, shares, and grows. Because everything is better when you put your heads together.

The ‘experiment’ part

As a social ‘experiment’, we want to create an alternative way of creating impact:

In mixing: We want to innovate and mix successful models to see if we could elevate the reach and outcome.

In contesting: We want to create an open call for good groups. This approach promotes a diverse group of applicants that may not normally have access to professional creative services.

In sprints: We want to apply design thinking methods like explorative workshops, multiple expert connecting remotely and creative sprints in a non-profit environment.

In mobility: We want to create a mobile workspace to help reconnect with the human heart while embracing the digital era.

In sponsorship: We want to prove the demand and the reward of merging purpose with profit. Demonstrating its importance to all sizes of businesses, creatives and good groups.

In our industry: We want to create a successful program that includes the level of creative thinking and execution typically reserved for big brands with big budgets.